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How Many '80s TV Characters' Last Names Do You Know?
  1. List of Seinfeld minor characters
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List of Seinfeld minor characters

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  • 24. "Helen Seinfeld".
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  • The Intruder (Linnocente) (Valancourt Classics).

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Which Seinfeld Character Are You? Khadija Leon.

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Which Seinfeld Character Are You? - ProProfs Quiz

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Get upset. Calmly try to resolve it. Do nothing. The baseball versions of Kramer and Newman are actually friends and were roommates during their first professional season Kevin 'Kramer' and Kevin 'Newman' gave us a perfect 'Seinfeld' moment by simply sitting together. Jessica Kleinschmidt is an associate editorial producer for Cut4 oh that sounds fancy. She has covered baseball for half a decade. Teams in this article: Pittsburgh Pirates. Players in this article: Kevin Kramer Kevin Newman.