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In August , John W. Mauchly, a physicist, presented a memo at the Moore School for a vacuumtube computer that was conceived as a digital version of the Differential Analyzer. Mauchly had adopted John Vincent Atanasoff's idea for an electronic computer.

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Mauchly had viewed the ABC in June The work began on 31 May with funding from the U. In February , successful program runs were demonstrated. Eckert suggested a mercury delay-line memory which would increase memory capacity by a factor of compared with the electronic memory used in the ENIAC.

In meetings with von Neumann, the idea of a stored-program, universal machine evolved.

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Memory was to be used to store the program in addition to data. This would enable the machine to execute conditional branches and change the flow of the program. The concept of a computer in the modern sense of the word was born.

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The logical structure that was presented in this draft report is now referred to as the von Neumann architecture. This EDVAC report was originally intended for internal use only but it became the "bible" for computer pioneers throughout the world in the s and s. The first two computers featuring the von Neumann architecture were not built in America but in Great Britain. On 21 June , Frederic C.

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Williams of the University of Manchester managed to run the prototype of the Manchester Mark I, and thus proved it was possible to build a stored-program, universal computer. The first really functional von Neumann computer was built by Maurice Wilkes at Cambridge University. The Invention of the Computer. Konrad Zuse and the Z1.

Computer as Material: Messing About with Time

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10 Famous Bugs in The Computer Science World

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