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If your landlord is willing to let you make smaller rent payments for a limited period of time, get the terms of your agreement in writing. Call our experts 99 Get a free call back. Paying your past due rent Getting caught up on your past-due rent is the most obvious way to avoid being evicted but may be easier said than done.

Be sure the agreement addresses all the following: The amount of reduced payments. The duration of reduced payments.

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When you will be in default of the agreement. The consequences of a default. How and when you must pay any rent that is already past due.

Most people will experience some kind of financial turmoil at least once in their lives. Consider using the tactics discussed in this post to help with your problem. Communicate openly and honestly with them about your situation, discuss alternative payment plans if possible, re-evaluate your budget, and ask for help if you need it.

Past Due Rent

Finance Real Estate. Spencer Knight on July 10, Ask for Help with Your Finances if You Need it Most people will experience some kind of financial turmoil at least once in their lives. Before resorting to payday loans, consider some of these alternatives: You can ask friends or family for a loan which you can secure with a Promissory Note to put them at ease. If federal student loans are causing your financial trouble, you can always apply for a deferment plan that puts a hold on your monthly payments for a limited time.

If credit card debt is your issue, you can ask your credit card company about their hardship programs to see about lowering your monthly payment. Organizations like Posted in: Finance , Real Estate Tagged in: budgeting , eviction notice , finance , landlord , late rent , promissory note , residential lease , tenant.

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