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Spinning your legs is easy
  1. The 10 Best Thigh Exercises to Tone Your Legs Fast
  2. The superset workout to strengthen your legs and abs
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And weight training, when performed properly, can make you more flexible , not less. In fact, competitive Olympic-style weightlifters are among the most flexible athletes in the world.

The 10 Best Thigh Exercises to Tone Your Legs Fast

Actually, our parents determine the shape of our muscles. If you want the sleek body lines of a ballet dancer, you better hope you were endowed genetically with long muscle bellies and short tendons.

Wrong again. In reality, resistance training is the key. If you doubt me, just watch a women's track and field event on TV next time you get the chance.

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First, check out the thin, almost emaciated legs of the long-distance runners, whose training consists of endless hours of cardio-type work. Now scope out the sprinters, with their taut cords of leg muscles underpinning a pair of sculpted glutes. In terms of body shaping, the virtues of resistance training and short, explosive movements vs.

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  • The Legs Workout To Build Bigger Legs Fast?

This four-month program doesn't guarantee to build legs capable of giving sprinter Marion Jones a run for the gold, but it will allow you to fulfill your legs' genetic potential and increase their functional capacity for sport and everyday activities in ways that most leg routines can't. What makes it different? First, it uses a periodized approach to leg training, varying factors like volume and intensity in a science-based, systematic way over time.

The superset workout to strengthen your legs and abs

Such variation produces better results than a static approach to training while lessening the odds of overtraining. What's more, this program targets all of your leg musculature, not just part of it. In addition to training your quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves, you'll hit muscles such as the hip flexors, glutes, and adductors, the five muscles located along the inner thigh that help move the thigh toward the midline of the body.

Even your anterior tibialis muscles get a workout here. Why bother? While this program should cover all of your leg-training needs, keep in mind that sculpting a pair of kickin' legs requires regular cardio and proper nutrition as well. If you aren't already eating healthy, nutrient-dense meals spaced throughout the day, rev up your metabolism by eating smaller meals more frequently.

Don't shy away from protein, either: Women who weight-train should consume roughly 0.

Get your training and diet working in tandem, and you'll be kicking legs—and butt—in no time. Total Legs Program Perform the following workouts twice weekly.

Start each workout with a minute warm-up and light stretching. Conclude each workout with more stretching. Reps The last rep you can finish with complete control and perfect form should fall within this range, so select your weights accordingly. As the rep ranges gradually decrease during the four months, your poundages should increase. Tempo The first number equals the seconds it should take to complete the concentric portion of the rep, during which the working muscle shortens. To focus on quads one day and hamstrings the next, Kostas says to choose all four quad-dominant exercises then all four hamstring exercises and perform 10 to 15 reps of each in a circuit and repeat 3 times through.

Alternatively, you can do AMRAP as many reps as possible for 30 seconds per exercise, then 30 seconds of rest, and cycle through the circuit. For a total lower body workout, choose any three quad exercises and any three hamstring exercises, arrange them in a circuit alternating one with the other, and complete for reps or time for example: Goblet Squat, Kettlebell Swing, Alternating Lateral Lunge, Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift.

Step-Up, Deadlift. Perform 10 to 15 reps of each exercise in a circuit and repeat 3 times. This will take exactly 18 minutes. Otherwise, feel free to do a leg workout two to three times a week. Hold it at your chest with elbows flared out slightly from body.

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  5. Stand with feet just wider than hip-width apart, then send hips back to drop into a squat, keeping spine straight and chest lifted. Pretend you are going to sit in a low chair with great posture. Push through heels and stand back up. You can put a twist on the Goblet Squat by elevating your heels. Lauren Lobert, D. With kettlebell at your chest, squat down.

    Rise back up halfway, then continue to pulse in the mid-range of the squat. Take a kettlebell by the horns and flip it so the bell is on top. Hold it at your chest and stand tall with feet at hip width. Take a large step forward with the right foot and lower down until the left knee is almost touching the floor and right knee is at a degree angle.

    Press through right heel to push back up to the starting position. Repeat with other leg. Grab a kettlebell by the horns and flip it so the bell is on top. Hold it at chest level and stand with legs parallel, feet at hip width. With right leg, take a wide step to the right, sending hips back and bending right knee but keeping the left leg straight. Push off the right leg to come back to the starting position. Repeat with left leg, then continue to alternate. Hold a kettlebell with right hand like a suitcase. Stand to the left of a stair, step, or box kettlebell should be closest to the step.

    Step up with right leg—you want to focus on pushing yourself up with the right leg, not launching yourself up with left foot. As you get onto the step, march your left leg up toward your chest. Slowly and in a controlled fashion, lower yourself back to the ground. Complete reps, then repeat on other side. Start standing with kettlebell in left hand. Shift weight to right leg, and with a soft bend in right knee, tip forward by hinging at the hips as the kettlebell falls toward the ground. Keep your back straight as left leg lifts straight back behind you.

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    Stand back up, squeezing your glutes. Repeat on other leg. Stand tall with feet slightly wider than hips, kettlebell a few inches in front of feet. Keeping a straight spine, bend knees and send hips back to lower and grab the kettlebell horns with both hands. Pull shoulders back and lift chest. Bend knees and hips further to swing kettlebell back between your legs like hiking a football , then thrust hips forward to stand tall, swinging the kettlebell up in front of chest, stopping at shoulder height as you squeeze glutes.